There was a clear winner with this one!
Why won't the soap lather? Why don't I get that super clean feeling when stepping out of the shower? What is that Soap Scum? Why do I feel dry or itchy?
If you come from a region which unfortunately only has access to what is known as "hard water" then you may have found yourself asking one of the above questions. For those of you who don't know, hard water is water that has a high mineral content (usually calcium or magnesium) in comparison to that of "soft water".
Most soaps struggle to form the correct solution with hard water and what you end up being left with is soap scum; that white residue you may see left behind on your taps, tiles, bath or shower. What we don't think about is what this is doing to our skin! That same scum is potentially the cause of many skin conditions such as clogged pores, breakouts, acne or even eczema. Not only does hard water work against most soaps, the hard water itself can strip your skin of moisture, preventing you bodies natural oils doing their job, leading to your skin aging faster. Now who wants to look older than they are?? NOT ME!!
None of this occurred to me, and I went on assuming it was normal... that was until I used Camirelli Soap for the first time and experienced that "Just got home from camping for 3 days" feeling, even though I had also just showered that morning. This got me wondering what effects hard water actually have on our skin, which is when I researched and found out the above.... and more.
So if you or someone you know only has access to hard water, why not try Camirelli's range of soaps... You will be amazed. Plus who wouldn't appreciate the aesthetic side of this soap being that it is ALMOST too pretty to use, but the fact that the fragrance keeps growing as you shower means that it can not possibly be fully appreciated until you have lathered up with Camirelli. 
... and don't even get me started on the raw sugar scrubs!!
 Jodie Anderson 
- Author 

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