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Aussie Spring - Camirelli Crate - Bath & Body September

Aussie Spring - Camirelli Crate - Bath & Body September

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It's time to say goodbye to winter and Hello to Spring in Australia! Where the days are hot and the nights still hold a chill. What can you expect from this box? The fresh smells of linen on the line, wind in your hair, the faint smell of wildflowers floating on the breeze, and the feeling of your first beach day after months away.  

Our Camirelli Crate is a subscription box that we have been creating since July 2015. We have had a variety of types of Crates so please read the description carefully. 

The Bath & Body crate will contain items from our bath and body range in new or old scents depending on the theme. Items can be bubble bath, solid bubble bath, mousse (whipped soap), scrubby mousse, face masks, sugar scrubs, bath salts, bath bombs, lip balms, lip scrubs, Cleansers, soaps and more. There will be 5 items in each crate (sometimes we may put more if they are cheaper valued items).

Shipping is not included in the price of this box. These must be purchased separately or with other crates only as they will be shipped separately from other website stock. 

These will ship from the last week of September. 

These are a mystery type box where the contents are a surprise, however, the value exceeds the price you pay. Picture is an example of a past crate from 2018.